World Cup

by Peter Marus

If you haven't following it, you are missing out on one of the best events ever played.  The level of talent, the offense this time is off the chain, and just seeing the best of the best playing.  I will say a couple things:

1. As usual, it's disgusting how the front running media acts like the US is some cute story.  They've been not only in the event every time since 1990, but are knocking on the door to make it to the next level.  The media always jumps on the bandwagon when they are winning, while also wishing they lose so they don't have to report on it.  It's disgusting.

2.  want to have some fun? Ask any "fan" of a non US nation to find their nation on a map.  Then badger them to put the US first, everyone else second.  Look, I enjoy seeing the other teams play , but I'd never put them over the US.  

3. When the World Cup ends, rather than go back into the woodwork, actually go support local pro soccer-MLS, NASL, USL-whatever is in you're area.  DONT BE A WANNABE EUROTRASH JOCK SNIFFER!!! Support your local team by putting your butt in a seat at a stadium, not at a bar to see a team that can give a rat's ass about you.