I feel lost

by Peter Marus

I realized today how long I have been at my current job, security guard, for months.  First I am greateful to have a job given how long I have been out of one, but the last holiday weekend made me think how much more I want.  If I was making more than what I do (higher than minimum wage, but not where I should be paid), it probably wouldn't be that bad.  But all that's been in my head is the term "wasting potential", which is how I feel I am now.

I took this job as a stop gap, get some money, and have something recent on my resume.  OK done.  I thought maybe I would find this job fine and can grow from it.  That's not happening.  I am not really stimulated at this job, which makes time move slowly.  I also don't feel as if people find me worth more than this job.  I'm basically a body to fulfill a stores insurance policy.  

So I'm sure you are all saying "get a better job".  I'm trying, but I feel lost where I should apply.  I should refresh on some of the A+ cert info and try help desk jobs again, I should try insurance work again, but not the BS sales jobs insurance companies send me.  Or I should just get any admin job.  

I feel confused and lost as to my next move, but also afraid of being stuck where I am.