I Like Pro Wrestling

by Peter Marus

I am starting to enjoy pro wrestling again.  I have the WWE Network, and watching the archives and the newer material made me appreciate what the show is now.  I'm still not a fan of some of the entertainment parts, my logic is the entertainment should be in the ring and in interviews.  

Some of the characters now are fantastic, especially some of the factions they have.  I've always enjoyed the small factions where it's a couple guys, not the late NWO, where half the roster was in it.  The Wyatt family, The Shield (before they were broken up, but the individuals still work well), The Real Americans are all great groups who can tell a story and tell a character.  I also enjoy some of the more old school style of wrestling they have been doing, some more drawn out fights where a story is told.  I watched the last PPV and the two ladder matches were done very well.  Each participant had a chance to show something, while also trying to keep the injuries to a minimum. 

My only issue is tat a lot of the wrestlers look the same, and outside of their personality, is vanilla.  WWE always had a "look" they wanted in their wrestlers, but there needs more diversity for their roster.   WWE has a developmental promotion, NXT, where there are a lot of the same physical looking guys doing the same moves.  I don't see a lot of standouts.  Then again, I always liked the old school style of promotions-various styles of wrestlers on the card to make for unique fights.

My last issue is the commentary. It used to be two guys, one straight man, one comedy color guy, and they add to the story. Now it's three guys who I doubt pay attention to each other, but also plug all the social media WWE uses and the WWE network.  The network stuff is understandable to get more subscribers, but it's done too much and sound almost desperate.  The social media part to me seems like an old company trying to sound hip and relevant-think your parents talking about how many Facebook friends they have.

Their talk and videos of their films and other ventures are ok-they are trying to branch out and that's fine-but I think they try to tie it into the wrestling product too much.  WWE also is a public company, so I get they have to meet financial goals for the shareholders, but that part I think stifles their creativity.

in the end, I'm still a fan. I love seeing the old stuff, and the stuff I missed and somewhat glad I did.  

I am a fan again.