My faith renewed

by Peter Marus

Let me first say I'm going to talk about "God".  I'm using God in the general sense since I believe all religions are the same, just different interpretations and regionalization of the same basic stories.  I take my interpretation from the Catholic version, which I grew up with.

My background with religion is I am Catholic and have recieved all the sacraments except Marriage and Last Rights.  As I got older, I question a lot of the teachings, most felt like arbitrary rules created by Politicos and lawyers of the time to control the "flock".  For that I've thought God didn't have the same level of love and compassion for me, and it was something I accepted.  

The past couple weeks have been, to say the least, stressful.  My mom has been in a hospital for that time.  If she didn't go when she did, she probably be dead at this point.  What got my faith renewed was the events leading up to her getting admitted.  I took her to a doctor appointment on a Tuesday, and he said for her to go to a Cardiologist.  My sister made an appointment for the next day.  I had to work so my sister's boyfriend took her and my sister to the appointment, then the hospital right after.  

Now, here's where I feel God stepped in.

My sister planned the week off, her boyfriend didn't.  The Monday of that week he went to work, then didn't feel like going so he too took the week off.  I feel if he didn't do that, he couldn't be there to help my mom and sister that Wednesday.  

Since then I've felt it was God's will that all happened.  It made me see that god still is looking out for my family and my mom.  I've not been the best Catholic, and I question a lot of the rules, but I'm glad that God sees past that and still shows his compassion for my mom and my family.   

For those upset I am just talking about my mom now, I didn't say anything because i don't like to broadcast my sorrow on others, and the less people stressing out about it, the better.  Plus stress leads to conflict.

So, that's my story of a new faith.  Although I am a Reverend, I'm still a man.