Mental dump-9/11

by Peter Marus

It's been about a month since I updates this.  I figure is do a mental dump to get some things off my mind.

-After the last couple months and the dramas that came through them, my cruise to Bermuda with my wonderful girlfriend and our friends couldn't come at a better time.  I spent the week with some of the most important people in my life and got to just kick back and shut my brain off.  It was an amazing time and Bermuda is a place I really want to vist again.  

 -When I got back, figured the drama started up.  I was in the bad end of a three car accident the day I got back.  I'm fine, but the car is FUBARED.  It was the first (and hopefully the last) time I got to see an airbag work in person.  So the car is gone and I'm going through the process with the insurance company.  Fun stuff.

 -I really need to look at headhunters to get a new job.  The current one is OK, but I need and want more-not just money but mental stimulation and sense of worth.  Once again, my awesome girlfriend gave me info I have to look at as far as career counselors and stuff like that.

 -GoPro makes an awesome camera.

-I don't need to carry a bag for my personal stuff.  Scottevests are awesome for it.  I have their Q.U.E.S.T model and with all the pockets and space to store stuff, I can put a ton of stuff on me and feel comfortable.  It also makes going through security a breeze.

 -WE ARE, PENN STATE!!!  Justice was finally served and all the sanctions the NCAA put on the school after railroading them are gone.



Untill next time, or whenever I remember to write something...