One big lesson learned

by Peter Marus

For the past several months, I've been helping my mom out on Mondays taking her to treatments for her cancer issues.  Recently the treatments have been increased with radiation, and now weekly visits to get chemo in some form or another.  Seeing what she is going through there are a couple things I've realized:

1. Fuck cancer

2. My mom is amazingly strong, much so more than me

3. Seeing what the treatment firsthand, which ironicly almost hurts as much as it helps, one shouldn't wish cancer on anyone

I sit there next to her after getting errands done, and I look at what the treatments do to her, and the other patients in the treatment room, and it hurts seeing what one goes through to beat cancer.  Thank god the nurses and assistants, who are angels, there try to comfort these people in their time of need.  It's really tough to witness and one feels helpless.

It angers me at the same time thinking how people will take advantage of people in this situation.  From stealing money from these people, or using these people's situation as a cover for their dirty deeds, there are true scum out there.  It angers me that this world has these types of people.  In the end I guess these people will get theirs in the end, but I hate the fact scum like this even exist.  

I've learned never to wish cancer on anyone anymore.  It's a sentence on someone and their families that is really a lot to have on someone, and to wish it on someone would be not cool.  Especially in life, what you say or do to others will happen to you, so you better be ready to be able to handle it. Can you handle cancer if you wish it one someone?