Xbox, THe Holidays, Reflections

by Peter Marus

First, I hope all had a happy holiday season.  Overall mine was a positive one.  Most of it was good, but there were times that were absolute buzzkills.  There was one part of Christmas that just really had me in a mood, which unfortunately stayed with me for the rest of the day.  What had my mood how it became was just being in a situation that was fun and nice and one thing arriving into the situation that changed it into a situation where you felt the stress and tension in the room.  It was one of those situations that you should get out of as soon as possible, and as much as I tried to get out, I couldn't until I started to feel the negativity.  That led to me realizing how much BS and hypocrisy there was right in front of me, and just set a tone for the rest of the day.  New Years at least was nicer,  I'm not one big on celebrating the New Year holiday, but what I did was enjoyable. 

I traded in my Sony PS$ for a Microsoft Xbox One.  Nothing more that my friends all have that now, and if I wanted to play online with them it would be on that.  Got a good trade in deal for the PS4, so out of pocket wasn't that much.  Anyone what to hit me up on the Xbox, gamertag is PSUDude66

Now the Holidays are done and things are getting back to a somewhat normal deal, I am going to refocus on looking for a better job, and even ask about a raise at my current one.  I say somewhat normal because I still have some family issues to deal with and work on (fuck cancer, btw), and as normal as it's been given the situation, it's changing as well.  This situation is a moving target, and it is frustrating, I have to be honest, but I have to also try not to show how frustrating it is.  That wouldn't be a good, positive thing that is needed at this time.