It's 10pm

by Peter Marus

I just got home.  Had to stay for 2 1/2 hours after work.  In rush hour the longest it takes me to get to work: 40 mins.  Tonight coming home I left at 8:30pm.  My "reward" for my extra work? Time and a half for 2.5 hours that equals $37.50.  Do the reverse math and see what I make an hour.  It's pathetic but I accepted this garbage because I chose to take this job.  Not for want but only thing there for me.


On top of this, yesterday I had to spend all day and $50 to do a BS annual class for my guard license.  It was so BS, I sat there with the same notes I took last year and all the notes put on the board was EXACTLY the same.  NOTHING WAS NEW.  It's a scam the state put in for exploiting people and take their money.   


I have to get out of this job.  I wish I could quit, but can't.  People tell me to stay positive, something better will come along, well my patience and positivity is wearing really thin, as is any facade I can put up to not look seething about everything going on.