Update on me.

by Peter Marus

I wanted to write this sooner, but something always came up.  So I am going to try to let you all know what's up.  I have been doing my thing and sadly ignoring or neglect people.  I really should stop that.

Most of my time and energy has revolved around my mom, who's back home.  She is still a ways a way from being close to "well", but since she's left the rehab place she's improved.  Her walking is ok, but she still needs special shoes and has a wound still healing on her foot.  The shoes she has doesn't allow her to step to her toes, and the shoes weigh quite a bit on top of it.  So her walking is interesting, but she does walk.  Usually she still is in a wheelchair and needs some help to stand but she's improved.

The last several weeks have tested my patience.  I'm thinking she'll fight harder, and disappointed she hasn't to the level I want.  It frustrates me, but I have to remember her age and what's she's been through.  The whole time I've realized that it's true that as you get older your parents become the child late in their lives and you have to take care of them like they took care of you early in your life. 

I am grateful my sister was able to take time off and not only tend to her, but the legal and medical stuff that comes along with illness.  I thank God she is able to do this.  I often fee like a shithead that I am not doing more. 

That's all I got.