My Best Buy experience

by Peter Marus

Best Buy deserves whatever horrible death its trying to fend off. 


The last time I shopped there, this past Monday, has made me finally swear off their dumpster fire of a store.  I went to the one on Queens Blvd. and like the others I've been to around NYC, it's a disorganized train wreck.  Their attempt to have little "company kiosk" stores haven't helped.  I only went in there because I had a gift card from Best Buy.  I was looking for one thing, a GoPro LCD screen, and after walking around the horribly laid out store, found where GoPros are "displayed".  It's nothing more than one video on a screen of the display, and no products out.  It's actually in a locked cabinet but no notice of needing to find an employee to help.  Good work there.  

A note wouldn't help because Best Buy employees are nowhere.  There are many of employees manning the mini stores of various brands, and they won't help with any other products (I think they are actually employed by the company they are representing-but seems like a prison sentence for those poor guys), but almost no Best Buy people.  After being ignored after asking one woman I found, I got fed up and left.  

To be fair, their online store was fine, got what I wanted and ordered with gift card easily.   

This is a trend with most large stores.  They almost gave up, and are just there to be showrooms for Amazon.  They deserve their fate.  

As much as I try to support local and buy in actual stores, places like Best Buy don't deserve my in store money.