I am an expert

by Peter Marus

I call myself an expert.  What am I an expert of?  Well, it doesn't matter what I am an expert of.  I know I am the foremost expert on the life of Peter Marus, and I write and publish about that subject, so therefore I am an expert. 

Today in the media, there are many "experts", many who spout off their "knowledge" on a subject in a somewhat cohesive and intelligent sounding manner.  Many of these experts are frauds who can sell themselves as something more than what they really are.  Many are the experts who have an alphabet soup of degrees and accomendations that sound like they know something.  Problem is that these types of experts are usually only experts behind the walls of academia, where they know theories, and can hide behind them to give them some credibility, but they have no clue how the "real world" works.  In the "real world", their supposed theories sometimes never pan out.

Experts are the rule setters, the policy makers, the ones who the ignorant, confused, or scared go to for advice.  Sometimes they do know what they are talking about.  Sometimes they have no clue.  What one has to do is step back and figure out how much truth is in this expert advice.  

Want to know how many "experts" there are, and how sound any advice is that they give?  Search on any subject, and look at the first page of articles that come up in your search engine.  I promise you that of the ten or so articles from "experts", eight contradict each other, one is native advertising posing as advice but pimping a product (another major problem in the search for truth) , and one is an article taking the advice from the first eight and rewriting it as a list of ideas.   It's frustrating and confusing to wade through.  It also shows that advice and expertise of one person may fit one situation, but it's not one size fits all.  

Look up resume and cover letter tips, you'll see this.  I have as I am trying to help improve my resume.  I almost am ready to give up and "wing it" on my resume!! 

So once again, I am an expert.  I should sell my expertise and make a buck off it.  Seems like everyone is these days!!!  Check out LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for proof.