How my cover letter looks

by Peter Marus

When I am applying to a job online, I use this type of cover letter.  I am curious to get some feedback on it: 



Long story short, I am a hungry man who is working as a security guard right now to pay the bills.  I am looking for a new job where my skills are used, where I will not be bored, and where I am appreciated much more than just "a body" at the front door greeting people and watching out for people stealing.  My current job does not stimulate me, and I want to get back into a job where I am challenged.

What do I bring to the table?  My current job has me stationed in a boutique jewelry and fine silver store on Madison Avenue.  I am familiar with high-end products and the quality and value they have.  Before this job, my experiences took me through some interesting positions.  From each job, I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that are perfect for this job.  Let me go through some of my main skills:

1. Communication-from talking on the phone, to electronic means, I know how to keep a professional demeanor and attitude when talking to someone.  Customer service was one of the main priorities in the Insurance industry.  From explaining to people why certain forms are not completed correctly, to calming down someone who is nervous about a letter the received and explaining to them what it means, to negotiation with medical providers or lawyers medical billing issues-sometimes in the tens of thousands of dollars- you need to keep professional and positive to make sure all the important Information and issues are communicated and eventually resolved as best they can.  

2. Organization-When one is put in charge of hundreds of case files, both newer and old, you have to be able to keep things neat and organized.  Not only in the files themselves but also in the work space you perform your duties.  Along with keeping a desk organized and neat, I was once a part of a group whose job was to make sure all office pantries and conference rooms were clean, tidy, and when outside catering was involved, properly set up and taken down.  A neat work space is an efficient work space.  I always make sure wherever I work, it's organized and clean in a way so I can accomplish my workflow as fast and complete as possible.

3. Sensitivity-When I am working with someone's personal data, I take great strides to make sure that the information is kept private and handled with the utmost respect.  These days with different frauds and identity theft, it is more important than ever to make sure sensitive and personal information is kept as secure as possible.  In my current work, I am sometimes trusted with sensitive information or products to ensure all is kept safe and only those who need to access it are allowed to.

I keep reading over your (insert Jon board/site name) ad, and I get more excited about it, and I would love to talk to you to get to know more about this position.  This position sounds like just the work I need to feel that hunger and stimulation I am craving for.

Thank you for your time reading this.