The one failure I fixed this week

by Peter Marus

I pulled my car out of the garage this week and hit the right side mirror, breaking the mirror itself.  Luckily the housing and motor inside were fine aside from a few scratches on the housing.  The mirror glass was done.  Had to drive like that for the day, which was a really frightening thing to do.   

When I got home, I looked online for prices on the glass itself.  I didn't know if I could get just the glass or would I need the entire housing.  After a quick google search, found the glass mirror piece I was looking for via Amazon.  Luckily it was cheap, with shipping and taxes about $27.  I got upgraded shipping to get it sooner and maybe handled better.   

It arrived and had instructions.  I already looked at videos and read how to do it online, so I had a good idea what to do.  I got home from work last night, and since it was still somewhat light out I decided to swap the glass.  Overall it was easy, aside from some minor delays/complications but those were more me doing this the first time.  Everything is in and works, and now I can drive safely.

With all the failures and stress I've experienced the last couple weeks, it was good to get a little boost in my confidence, even if it was a microscopic one.