My open challenge to you people who love to tell me to "Just get a new job".

by Peter Marus


It's no surprise I'm not happy at my job. I don't hide it.  I am getting tired of people and loved ones saying "just get a new job then" in a condescending tone, a tone that says to me they think I'm :

A. Retarded and don't know what I'm doing

B. Lazy

Well, to the loved ones and those who have told me this irritating line, I have a challenge for you.  Since apparently it's so easy to get a job in this economy-jobs are THROWN to people, here's my challenge to you.  I'll give you me resume and cover letter. And you have one week to get me a job offer where the job:

A. Has a minimum salary of $35,000

b. Isn't retail or security job.

Hey it's so simple these days right? I'm the retard who doesn't know what he's doing, right?   Well it's time to put up or shut the fuck up.  I'm busting my ass sending resumes out to anyone and everyone, and trying to talk to people on LinkedIn, which seems pointless but trying.  I'm trying not to fall for the scam job ads, trying all I can to better myself despite everything going on And everyone who is sabotaging me improving myself.  But it's SO EASY TO GET A NEW JOB!!!! Right guys and gals.  Then fucking prove it.