6 months after she left

by Peter Marus

It's been about six months since my mom died  I know at my age one would think it's strange, but I do miss her a lot and feel a level of being lost.  If you don't feel that without your parents around, there's something wrong with you.  I am still here in my house and slowly getting rid of stuff.  I am amazed with the level of crap my parents kept.  Most of it is stuff they just collected and mostly never thought of since getting them.  There's so much accumulated crap from dead relatives, and from others wanting us to hold stuff for them.  I know there's value with a lot of the stuff, especially the historical and sentimental aspect, but I want to shed a lot of if not all of them.  It feels like a weight on me, encumbering me in moving forward.  Should I keep a bunch of it to keep some link to the generations behind me? Probably, but at the same time it's things that don't give me joy or any emotional feeling.  I have my memories, which I value over a lot of the physical things.