"Zelda" and mom

by Peter Marus

"The Legend of Zelda" is a video game series I always take time to try.  The latest one on Nintendo's new system looks to be the best, and I am going to get their system and play it.  The game series always has an emotional attachment to me because the first "Zelda" game was one I played along with my mom.   

My mom loved the game and it's puzzles.  I would play the game along with "Super Mario Brothers", and when I went to bed she would play them as well.  She and I would talk about "Zelda" and help each other in our games.  It was a cool thing.  She made it to the last part, but a friend of mine at the time accidentally loaded her game, not mine, to show me what to do at the game where I was having problems and beat the game with her save.  It was funny for a moment but it legit angered her since she wanted to win herself. 

That game and a couple others showed her the positives games have on kids and how they can help with hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. 

When I play games I think of her, and when I play "Zelda" games, I feel a level of emotional connection.  When I get the new system and game, I'm sure I'll feel like she's playing with me.