A life without Facebook is a happier life

by Peter Marus

For the past several weeks, I stopped using Facebook.  I haven't totally stopped using it since I still use their message service for some people, but as far as Facebook proper I stopped using it.  

My reasons are simple.  There are so many falsehoods in how people portray themselves, and admittedly I am one is some form or another.  I would be at my job, usually in a mood due to my unhappiness about my job and place in the world in general, and seeing how happy people are in their lives led me to say to everyone "fuck your happiness".  At some point, I just said I don't want to not feel like that, so I decided to stop looking at Facebook.

I haven't quit all social media.  I am active on Twitter and Instagram, which sounds strange to some.  I find both those platforms more satisfying to look and be interactive on.  Twitter and Instagram have limitations put on the user, that limits the content one can post.  So both give more of a "snapshot" of what they are doing or how they feel. It's enough to say something, but it doesn't allow one to really construct a world of nonsense and lies like Facebook allows, or at least makes it more difficult for someone to do so.  I also find conversations on these platforms a lot more useful and "real".  The content found on both seem more solid and useful than what one finds on Facebook.

After this time, I feel happier.  I don't feel as much jealousy to other people and their "lives", or feel miserable when events I can't go to are being recapped or reported on.  Facebook always seems the most negative of the platforms, where people are more likely to tear one down rather than support.  Yes, I know there are many supportive points on Facebook, but they are dwarfed by the negative elements.  

Social media is an effective and useful idea and tool.  It just needs to be used right.  Studies have shown that it does lead to feelings of depression and unhappiness, but what should be looked at is something deeper-what those people look at and who they follow on it.