Going back

by Peter Marus

For the Fourth of July my wife and I went to the Poconos for a couple days.  It was the first time I spent significant time there since the early 2000s.  I was feeing different emotions leading to the trip, and after it I feel the same.  

First off, driving up there in a 2011 car compared to a 1996 one is a world of difference.  The Gas mileage I got was much better in the newer one (a Honda CR-V which for all intents and purposes has a Honda Accord engine in it).  I thought the meter was broken when I looked down and the car was almost sipping gas.  Then once the hills and mountain roads came into play, there went the fuel efficiency.  

Driving around up there was a "It's the same, but it's also different" feeing.  I was amazed how built up and modernize a lot of the areas were, but it also looked the same.  I drove around my old neighborhood and was glad to see the old house was being lived in.  I took my wife around to show the places where the stories I told her happened, and she appreciated that.   

After our shopping trip and tour to different vineyards and buying way too many bottles of wine, I was dead tired.  I did finally have some Sonic, which was interesting.  I spent the rest of the night taking everything in.  I feel happy I went up there, and should go there again, but I felt my parents there.  I had a lot of the memories of being in the area for so long go through my head, and I missed my parents.

My parents bought and built the house in 1987 and sold it in I think 2002 or 03.  I am amazed how they handled having two whole houses to upkeep and afford.  I do miss the house a little, and I understand when they sold the place.  But like I said, I miss the house and my parents. 

i love the Poconos, and I'd rather go someplace like there rather than a beach.  It was weird being in the area again, and I don't know going there more would lessen that.  Maybe going somewhere else like upstate or a totally different area to vacation would be better, but the familiarity of the Poconos does attract me.  Or I'm just being an idiot and overthinking.