Taking a different road in both my BJJ and mental/physical improvement.

by Peter Marus

I feel like I have some opinions and thoughts to share, and it will keep my mind occupied and not buried in anxiety.

For the last month or so, I have been training BJJ at a new school.  I left my previous school after being there for 8 years.  I left because I felt like I needed to change.  As great as the other students were, I felt like I was spinning my wheels, hitting a wall, and plateauing.  When my contract came up, I moved to another school and take a different path in my BJJ journey. 

The school is called Clockwork BJJ and I feel I made the right decision.  The staff and students there are always positive, supportive and in the mindset they want to train hard, but not kill each other.  The school itself is a Jiu Jitsu school, not an MMA school that has BJJ classes.  That may not sound big, but you clearly see a difference when you come from a place where MMA classes may go over and cut into BJJ class. 

All the instructors are really positive as well (PMA is a big thing at the school, and you see it's benefits in the students and instructors). They also teach not just the techniques, but their philosophy why you do these details of the techniques, which I find just as important.  Going to a differnet school has made me see the "art" part of "martial arts", where people may have different interpretations of the same technique, and it's great to see another thought or detail to moves I've known for a while. 

One month in and I enjoy it.  I am finding myself breaking down parts of my "game" and rebuilding it.  It's a good challenge. 

One last thing I want to talk about is CBD.  I have been using it for some time and when I remember to take it (today I was a dumbass and didn't), it helps kill the soreness and pain from my arthritis and helps clear my head of my anxiety and negative thoughts. 

CBD is the part of marijuana that's the medicinal part.  You don't get high off it (that's THC), but CBD helps your brain and body in different ways.  Like it said, it helps with killing all the negative thoughts I have and my anxiety I feel.  It's helped with my arthritis and muscle pain (it's an anti-inflammatory).  It helps me sleep and focus on things.  I've read stories how CBD helps pets with anxiety, kids with seizures, and many other benefits. 

That's all I got for now.