Making Changes

by Peter Marus

     It’s hard to change.  You get into your grooves and set ways, and the idea of changing fills you with fear or self-doubt.  But at the same time, you have to change in life.  If not only for the lessons you’ll learn, but the stimulation to combat boredom.

     I’m working on some changes in my life.  One is moving from Apple products.  Apple products are fine, when they work and not buggy like when I am typing ot copying and pasting things. Or some tasks just won’t work until I restart the app or even the phone.  More  and more though, the products are getting locked down in the name of security, but it is limiting what the user can do.  For example, I tried downloading some programs to use on my laptop, but I was not allowed to even though the software is from reputable companies.  I didn’t even get the option to say “allow third party apps be installed”, which means anything outside Apple’s App Store.  I also want the option to set another program to be the default web browser, or mail client.  Apple does not allow that on their iPhone, which gets annoying considering I use non Apple apps the majority of the time.

      I already built a new PC, which means I gutted my old one and put new components in it.  Windows has gotten better, and seems to do all I want (like letting me set Chrome as my default web browser, letting my download apps and programs I want to use, without wanting to stop me, etc). Eventually I want to get an Android-based phone again, maybe a Samsung one. 

      Other changes have been my attitude.  I’m not letting my job now dictate my life.  I want to travel more, go do things.  I will take a hit in the wallet, but the enjoyment of spending time with my family/friends is more important.  Speaking of jobs, I also changed how I tackle the job search.  I’m emailing my resume and info directly to managers who post jobs.  It’s easy to find them on LinkedIn.  I usually send a quick email saying I saw their posting and wanted to send you my resume directly.  So far I’ve gotten responses, and even and interview.  The interview didn’t go well (no callback) but the experience gave me confidence in what I am doing.

Change is good, change is scary, change can be sexy, but change is needed to grow and evolve.