How I'm living and the lesson for everyone reading this

by Peter Marus

For years, I've had to worry about others rather than what's best for me.  I thought it was the right thing to do, but in the end others progressed and I wasted time and energy for nothing.  

I have decided and started to do something about it. I've been doing what's best for me, and/or me and wife.  I've stopped doing the "well, what will so-and-so feel about it?". I'm not saying I'm selfish, but I need to focus on and improve me.  For far too long I've neglected myself, and it's cost me.  Now, it's different.  

 I'm going to do what's best for me, and I know not everyone will be cool with it.  Those people have two "gets" to act on: get over it and move on, or get fucked and go away.  Maybe after time you'll get over it and move on and we will be cool.  But for the time being get fucked and stay that way until you come to your senses.  I don't have time to micromanage my decisions for people and weigh how it affects others. I don't have the energy, time or patience.  I'm not a young person and need to make moves for myself and family now, and not have the anchors of doubt and parasites on me.

 So the lesson is: do you, and those who don't agree or approve can get over their problems and move on with you, or get fucked and get their shitty attitude-which they'll use to sabotage you-out of your way.