Close to 40, and I realize

by Peter Marus

I've realized the last couple weeks that if you like someone for some reason, despite whatever alleged negative things in their lives, it's ok.  Everyone is not perfect and unless someone has personally screwed you over or your family badly, what they do and how they handle their lives is their problem not yours.  


If I find someone ok to be around or be a fan of, that's my business but yours.  Everyone I know has some problem or something I'm not cool with, that's how life works.  But at the same time if I stopped talking, doing, supporting anyone or anything that had one thing I felt was wrong I would be eating twigs and sitting alone doing nothing.  I have a level of acceptance with people and things.   That's my business and my choice.  Just as it's your choice to do what you like.  If this world got past the childish aggressive attacking if others who like things they personally dont, and accept a lot more than they allow themselves to.  This world would be better.