New year plan (subject to change)

by Peter Marus

My New Years plans involve a few goals. These are subject to change obviously but I do plan on working on achieving these goals.

First is a new job. I’m learning Salesforce admin to get certified for it. I downloaded some notes for it, and enrolled in an online course. Doesn’t seem hard but somewhat dense. Should not be too much of an issue.

Second goal is to advance in BJJ, either stripes on my belt or promotion to brown belt I am at the purple belt level, and have been for some time. I would like to achieve a full black belt in the next 5 years. I know changing schools has delayed me (generally changing schools pushes you back a year from what I’ve read). I am working at this goal by trying to get to more classes. I have to speak with some people to make sure I can go more.

Third is my house. There are projects in the house that needs to be done and I haven’t gotten done. The kitchen, mater bedroom, and other parts of the house needs work. Hopefully a new job in the future frees up my whole weekend so I can get some stuff done, and down the road have the money to pay for some renovations.

So that’s my goals for the next year.