by Peter Marus

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!!! Hope all you dumbasses who drank too much stuck things into other things that you’ll regret in 9 months and or about a decade. or you had one too many Irish carbombs, got into your car and as you drove home, swerved and turned your ride into a real carbomb. Yeah I’m in a GOOD mood!!!!

Now a great moment in irish-American History...the moment the Irish were given equal status with everyone else in this country:

One other thing I found funny today was when this bum on the train-and I do mean bum, not those PC terms like “homeless”, “underprivileged”, no BUM-was on the train preaching the word. He was talking about how the bible is the answer to everything-ironic that it couldn’t answer his question of “How do I get a house and a job?”, and he said how he doesn’t have hatred for those who hurt him and led him to where he is. When he said we should all forgive those who did wrong to us, I couldn’t help but laugh. I never understood the whole “i get screwed over by someone, so if I give him a free pass on him doing that, it’s all good.” I have no issues with anyone who choses to hold grudges and decide that a scumbag doesn’t deserve to be given forgiveness. Of course with this society and its ass-backwards thinking, that person who doesn’t forgive is called “bitter”, “angry”, and is made to look like the bad guy. If justice isn’t done on the part of the victim, that person has every right to be angry and have rage for that person or thing.

Funny how it’s the Bible is supposed to teach forgiveness. Anyone read that first part of the Bible? apparently forgiveness was God telling someone to do something or not to eat something, and when he isn’t listened to, God decides to start kicking some ass. That flood he caused and told Noah to build a boat to save only a few of the animals sure screamed “I forgive you” to the drowning wicked people!!!

Do lesson is this: It’s ok to have anger and rage for someone or something who has done and injustice to you. You as a human being is allowed to feel that. Quite honestly, if anyone comes to you and tells you that you should forgive what has done to you, they are no better than who or what did you wrong, since all they are doing by asking you to forgive is blaming you for your situation. My only catch with this is that as long as what you are angry at is not something that you did or caused yourself, then you are just a self-sabotaging jackass and deserve what you get. If you choose to get yourself into a situation with something or someone without looking into every aspect to see if it’s right for you, and you are harmed in a way, then it’s on you to accept what happens.

One other lesson I learned the past couple days is something that everyone should follow. You can analyze and think about something or a situation all you want. If you have that gut feeling saying this ain’t good and something you should not be at, or on the other hand, have a feeling that there could be something positive that could come out of a situation or something, listen to your gut. nine times out of 10, I find that the gut decision I make is the right one and I have not regretted doing so. Sure, you may miss out something from time to time, but I rather miss out on something that I felt was wrong, than be stuck in a horrible situation and be wrong.

Now you can see why I am rarely wrong? So there’s my secret.

now for some beautiful Irish music on this day:

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