by Peter Marus

OK, i finally got all my Christmas stuff done, got all my gifts ready to be given out. So far so good and now waiting for Tuesday to see what I get. Hopefully all of you have a great Christmas and that all your holiday wishes come true, but know that sometimes they don't', but that's not because you have done something wrong, but whatever you wished for wasn't meant to be (trust me, that has been the reality for me all my life)

I have been listening to a lot of the classic rock stations on regular and satellite radio. I like a lot of the old-school rock, but also I like to listen to classic rock stations to remind me how shitty some of the music was in the 70's and 80s . There are some of the hacky bits in classic rock that makes me laugh and realize that shit like this made me get satellite radio to avoid this and the commercial loads on any given station, not to mention the edited songs for “time constraints” (as in-”we want to add another commercial to the break”). Here are some examples:

Two for Tuesdays-the classic bit where two songs of the same artist is played back to back...great just what I want to hear, two Springsteen songs. Rather take a power drill to my ear and shove real hard.

Zeptember-the entire month of September is dedicated to Led Zeppelin this involves songs of the band, tidbits about the band, and just one big ego stroke of he band. Ok they were good, but I always thought they were highly overrated. How many times can you hear the same 4 songs over and over?

Rocktober-an entire month of RAWK baby!!! No shit sherlock, YOU'RE A FUCKING ROCK STATION!!!! Every month should be rocktober!!!!

Get the Led out-Like Zeptember but only for a weekend or daypart of a station. Sorta like saying “I only got a little bit of AIDS”.

Styx and Stones Weekend-OK, when this is announced for the first time, even before they finish the word “Styx”, people should be at the station setting it on fire and raping and pillaging the staff. I almost wanted to firebomb a Karaoke bar the other weekend when some jackass requested to sing “lady.” Plus why piss on the Stones by affiliating them with a band that makes Journey look like manlier and more credible?!?!!? Sure the Stones have a bulletproof rep, but let's not really test it.

Now onto a couple different subjects. First I am reading Kevin Smiths latest book, “My boring ass life”, which is a collection of his blog entries. It's quite an interesting insight into his life and career, and also shows one how the entertainment industry works. It's sorta a long read, but it's a fun read. Another thing I wanted to talk about is I may found a tattoo parlor to get my tat at. It's ran by a guy who is in the ESC, and is based in Astoria. So far from the website i have seen, he does some good work. When I get the money and time, I plan on hitting his place.

One more thing, Ive been wearing my Kangol hat more and more (forwards, I am white after all) indoors. It just feels good on me, and looks good too. I have to find another hat for the summer now, since the wool hat isn't good to wear on a hot day.

that's all I can think of writing. Merry Christmas to all since I don't plan on writing anything until after then. Thanks for the patronage, and always remember this; I may not be the brightest person out there, I may say some really out there stuff here, but I will NEVER apologize for what I say here or wherever I say something. I will take responsability for what I say/do, but whatever I do or say I only do because I think is right. Some may agree and accept it, some wont. I am guessing those who read this are in the first part, but if you aren't, Why the fuck you reading?