by Peter Marus

OK this entry may be a little too “inside' for some, but oh well. Also it feels damn good to have anger for something, gives me an excuse to get other frustrations out as it venting by proxy. I do hope that this is angry enough for those who I hear through some people hat enjoy me posting angry rants, but then again I'm glad I got a few people who read this-guess that's something to be thankful for in this time of giving thanks. I would like to add that if you are going to post here. Have a set and put you damn name/nickname on your comment, Thank you.

I intended to watch the MLS Cup finals o ABC this afternoon. I turned on the program at noon, and turned it off at 12:20. I can't believe how half-assed MLS lets ABC handle the only MLS game that is broadcasted on national television each year. I turn on the pre-game show, and the first people I see on it is Rob Stone and Julie Foudy. Rob Stone has been soccer AIDS in the US and on ESPN for almost 10 years now. He started as a host of a few soccer highlight shows on ESPN, and his presence on ESPN is best described as that jerkoff , “wacky stuntguy” that can usually be found on some dogshit local morning program before the national morning show hits the air. The only way I can figure he has gotten and kept his job, is that some producer at ESPN got one hell of a hummer from Stone.

His partner on TV is Julie Foudy, the former US woman's soccer player. Naturally, the first person I would hire to talk about a men's event is a woman that should just stand on the desk and bend over since most of what she says comes directly out of her ass. This is the woman that talked an entire woman's soccer league into obscurity, saying that they have no use for MLS's help, and that MLS will be riding the woman's coat tails. Gee, where is MLS now and where is the WUSA, Julie? The only hope I have for this mouthy bitch is that at some point whatever man has the unfortunate role of boyfriend/husband with her someday decided enough is enough of her mouthyness, and puts her in her place.

Now, I would like to say I don't approve of violence against women 99 percent of the time, but there is that one percent when a man has every right to slam some chick in the skull with their fist or blunt object (self-defense is probably the only justification). Granted all women have driven to men to the point where balling a fist and throwing it at her direction has happened, just that 90 percent of men choose not to do that because they know doing so can lead to various consequences, not to mention that the guy probably cares about the woman so much as to not want actual harm done to her. the 10 percent that is different are most likely animals and probably should be locked up.

Now back to my irritation about today. They throw the show to the people who will be calling the game itself. The two men (well one man, one whiny little bitch of a broken-down has been of a player) are Dave O'Brien and Eric Wynalda. O'Brien has been a recent addition to all of ESPN's broadcasts of US national team games and MLS games. He has no real background with soccer, but I have to say he's not that bad and I think once he gets more knowledge of the sport he can do well. Wynalda though, is the original American Pussy when it comes to players going to Europe with a huge head, and getting bitch-slapped to reality that they ain't shit in the world of soccer. he hasn't gotten over that, and thought he was a star in MLS when it started, but he quickly faded away into obscurity in US soccer history (he only has his job as an announcer to hold onto any relevance). He's tried to get attention saying he wanted to fight Journalist Jim Rome, and a joke the other week seeing fans' with flares, saying it looked like Souther California, but like the bitch he is, he tucked his tail between his legs and apologized and begged for forgiveness.

Another side note: Fuck Landon Donovan, American Pussy 2.0. Just had to add that and will write my rage and hatred for that asshole another day.

Anyway, after seeing who would be calling the game and who is handled everything else in the program, I just turned it off and went out for a drive. I could have simply put the game on mute, but I like sound with what I am watching. Also I chose not to watch the game since it would have enraged me more seeing two teams ran the “right” way that isn't mine (I did write about that a week or so ago, so read that if you want.) I have no clue who won the game, and don't care. It pisses me off that ESPN can put on a great presentation with all the soccer announcers they have that do the UEFA Champions League games, especially former Metrostars analyst Tommy Smyth-best announcer they ever had. But ESPN is lazy, and MLS for some reason won't fight for a better quality presentation of their product.

I will say this after seeing all the sports I have watched this weekend. The closest thing the US has to a European soccer atmosphere can be found at any college football game. The colors, the energy, the passion is the same at a college football game as it is at any European soccer match. the Pro sports here can't match it, since Pro sports want a stale crowd, like at most NFL games. The Jets here try by having that one chant, but it's lead by a fireman with Down Syndrome, so that doesn't count. I defy you to watch any game form Europe and tell me any pro sports teams crowd in the US can match the intensity and passion a stadium of soccer supporters in Europe have. You want passion, you want a better quality experience, you want legit hatred between sets of fans, watch college football (maybe college basketball as well, but I can give a rats ass about the sport).