by Peter Marus

Had a good time at Dave and Busters Sat night. Had a good time with some people from, and hope to do it again. I didn't mind D&B, i did expect a bigger game area since they do advertise that a lot in their ads, and especially since it is their Time Square location, but then again the arcade industry is almost dead as it is, and most of the space at D&B is for the bar/dining, and considering the traffic through Times Square, I guess it makes sense.

It's weird that there's nothing to be really mad about in my life. That's probably why it seems like I am grabbing at straws when I am writing things on here. Most of the things I should be upset about are things I really have no control over, and what has happened that has had me upset or angry are over now and I am moving forward. Plus thinking about these things are a wastes of time for me, just like apparently all the time I put into what I was angry over in the end. Do I have things on my mind? Yeah, but it's things that aren't anything that affect me good or bad, just things to keep me busy when I am bored.