by Peter Marus

I really have nothing much to say here. I am just writing to kill some time. I did spend the day in Jersey today doing some things, and right now I have the need to shower since I feel unclean. The highlight was that in a parking lot I was looking for a spot, some pig in a Caddy in front of me wanted to back up since someone was backing out of a spot She (typical garbage that would do this) just kept backing up and would have went into the front of my car if I didn’t honk my horn. I didn’t’ back up to help her since I had several other cars behind me, and I refuse to help someone like her. So after a few seconds of honking back and forth, she sped forward, the person going out did, and I got the spot. I saw the idiot drive by me in her Caddy, and all she did was give me a MEAN look. I simple flipper off and yelled the word “cunt” and left my car. Yes people I am one classy guy to the ladies!!

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. I always wondered why this is not a national holiday. Maybe because the Government figures it better to trivialize a civil rights leader’s memorial day with stupid sales than the day meant for the President’s official start to his term. What am I going to be doing on that day? Working and not really caring what snake oil the new guy is going to try to sell/bullshit to the unwashed masses. I still say, sure he’s a charismatic talker, one who is smooth with his words-but so are pimps, and I trust what a pimp says as much as a President says.

Eh as I said, I had nothing really to post. I just felt like writing something since it’s my goddamn page