by Peter Marus

I really don’t have much to write about tonight, I thought I’d give a couple sites I found.

Where you can create church signs with whatever text you want. It’s fun to do, and at this site where I found it, , you can see how fun it really can be (my contributions it under the name “evilpete”).

Here you put requests and the chick does what you say (like how most women should be!!).

This is a public access show here in Queens that’s just a complete mess!! The guy looks like a kidtoucher, and his “staff” look like the homeless all-stars of Queens. Still it’s like a car wreck and I ALWAYS end up watching part of the show.

Pics from the old workout show that used to be on TV…something for the guys if they are lonely one night. Sad, but I’m sure some guys can find use for these

Place to get XM radio gear, which I hope to use sooner than later. I must say this: XM IS THE ONLY SATILITE RADIO COMPANY THAT WON’T WHORE THEMSELVES OUT AND GIVE RADIO CHANNELS/SHOWS TO B-LIST CELEBS AND THEY WOULDN’T BE STUPID ENOUT TO GIVE A HOOK NOSED HACK OF A RADIO HOST $100 MIL/YEAR LIKE THAT DOGGIE COMPANY!!!! I will only have XM radio, and if anyone consciously gets Sirius satellite radio, they are dead to me. My house is an O&A house, along with Ron & Fez house (they were really cool the night my cousin and I went to see and be on their radio show when they were on WNEW here in NYC), and Stern is just a paranoid, old, has been that is trying to take credit for every single thing that has happened in radio. Now he’s trying to get his zombie fans to cash in their food stamps to pay for the overpriced, 1970’s technology of a Sirius satellite receiver, but Stern doesn’t realize that his fans are too stupid and too poor to get Sirius.