by Peter Marus

I"m sitting here watching the snow to fall, and hoping the office is closed. I highly doubt it, so I am getting up earlier to get in. I have to since the awesome MTA is so horrible at both managing money and the system, I am not sure if the train is going to even be running. The MTA stinks, but that's with all the government agencies. I find it insulting and aggravating that I, a responsible person who knows how far his money will go, has to support a bunch of deadbeats and parasites who have no respect or knowledge to fucking say no to an impulse buy. I wrote a lot of my anger about these scum, so I won't get into it. Before you crybabies go "but there are those who really are victims to circumstances like medical bills, and catastrophic events in their lives..." I know that, and for every one of these people there are at least 100 of the scum who should just be executed in order to cut our losses.

This week was the start of Lent, and a reminder of how horrible I am as a Catholic. I didn't get my ashes on Ash Wednesday and did eat meat that day and Friday. that is not good as a Catholic. On top of it I haven't been to church in several years-last time I was in a church was for my Dad' funeral. I may not be what the Catholics would consider a good person, but I feel I am better than most of those who really think they are "Good Catholic people." I never killed a person. I have no need to bang another person's wife. I stand up for those I feel are wronged. I do a hell of a lot for others. I just do the right thing, or at least what I feel that is the right thing. I follow a lot of the lessons my father and my family has instilled in me, and if after all that I have done isn't good enough to get into Heaven, so be it. To me if all I do isn't good enough to be there, I have no need to be there since that would mean I would have to go against what I was taught by parents, which would be against one of the Ten Commandments.

Also, this week I picked up a couple games for the PS3. First I got Street Fighter 4, which is the long-awaited sequel to the long-running series. this series spawned an entire genre in video games, and after all these years it's still the best series. So far I am cheating to get al the hidden characters before I start to really play it. It's not the best to play with the regular game controller. they sell arcade sticks, which look like the type you find in arcades, but I am not going to spend $150 on something for one games. They sell a different controller that supposed to be easier to play the game, which down the road I may take a look at. Don't get me wrong, the game plays good with the controller, but the regular controller is not made for these types of games.

The second game I got is "flower" that is on sale on the Playstation Network. It's a game, but more of an art project. you fly around with pedals opening other flowers, which brings the areas where the flowers are "alive" (like turn frown grass to luscious green), and the landscape changes to become more beautiful. You can't "die" or lose in "flower", so there's no real penalty if you don't get what you have to do done. The goal is to open all the flowers. I find this game more of an art project, but also a good demo of the "sixaxis" controller capabilities (the stock PS3 controller, where it can translate how you move/hold the controller into actions on the screen on some games), as well as the graphic power of the PS3. the game looks amazing, and is something that all PS3 owners should look at. It's only $10 bucks and something that can be relaxing and fun to do once in a while.

One more review I have to give is on the "Big City Slider Grill." Yes, I fell for the awesome selling power of Billy Mays and got it. It's a pan with five cutouts that you put balls of ground beef, chicken, turkey, or anything you want to cook. there's a scoop included to measure out the beef. After you fill the spaces and put the top on, you start to cook it on the stove. You press down on the top to form the burgers, and after a couple minutes you take the burgers out. It's a little hard to since there grease splatters up and sits in the spaces due to no draining. After cooking each batch, it's best to drain the pan. what's cool is the design of the pan allows you to easily drain the grease with little mess. Cleaning it up is not a big problem, and it's good that it's non-stick, so it's not a big deal. It also comes with a bunch of instructions to make different types of burgers, so you can make a variety of tasty treats. I recommend it especially if you want to make a quick meal. It's not a faulty gimmick like the "Shamwow".