by Peter Marus

I feel cool sorta. I just registered a couple domain names on I registered a couple versions of my name, but not one version, some dud in England owns it/ I'm not sure what to do with my names now, I may merge all the stuff I do online onto one site. Like merge this blog, and do some other stuff on it. I"ve thought of doing a small site for myself, just never really had the energy to try. In this world of new media, I guess that's what is a good thing to do.

I had a discussion with someone today about jobs and the ones we have now and what we wanted. I wanted a job in the media-either in TV, print, radio, etc. I went to school to go down that road but it got sidetracked. First I went to the wrong school for it. Second I entered the field just when it stared to get into the mess it is now. think of the current market, like any other job market, like a giant washing machine churning and churning with more and more clothes added to it everyday. I could have continued to chase the dream, but I wanted a job where I could afford to eat, and also I learned chasing dreams could be nothing more than chasing ghosts. I did the freelance thing for a bit, but that's a nightmare. You have to work ten times as hard as a guy who works for one company, and as the years go on, the more people in the pool of talent gets more cutthroat. It's an intense, stressful gig. In the end I got to the point where I thought to myself: "I don't need this", and decided to get a regular job. I thought about it and maybe I do this blog as a way to "live the dream" in a way.