by Peter Marus

I had an interesting conversation with my co-worker about a situation in his life with his chick. Long story short he was tired of her negative, stagnant attitude. In the end he and his chick decided to go their separate ways in an amicable way. He is happy and feels a great weight was taken off his shoulders, since he feels he has been carrying the relationship for a while. He also wanted to do this to maybe snap her out of her funk. I tend to agree with this theory.

Think about it, most people find out who they really are after a major happening in their lives. I for example found out a lot about myself after my dad died. I found out what I can take, and how to look at life after it. I have gone through what I feel about like and how I now live and act with people, so if you want to know what I'm talking about, search my other posts here to find out. It's not one major event, but sometimes several are needed to shape all aspects of one's life. I found out about myself with relationships as far as what I want and what I don't want after last year, when someone I was in love with crushed my heart and forced the ending of the relationship. It really made me look hard at myself, and for a while I was so insecure about myself, I didn't' trust my decision to just pick out what T-shirt to wear. Over time I found my swagger back and now know form that experience what I want and need in a woman that I want in my life.

This is all of course under the theory that you are going to make yourself get out of the depths of depression. In the situation when something big happens you have two choices; first run away and go into a shell of negativity, or go head on with what happened, figure out what to do and keep a positive mind, and make yourself learn and grow in to a better person.