by Peter Marus

Before I get into my weekend, I wanted to talk about a trend that is disturbing to me. At work one of the people I talk to was telling me about a meeting he had with his boss, and how he almost got fired. Apparently this guy had the nerve...THE NERVE!!! to go away on vacation last week and not have his laptop and Blackberry with him. The guy's boss was angry with him that there was no way to get in contact with the guy, due to some issue at work last week. the guy was really upset about it and said “There's no reason to even go on vacation anymore if I have to be tethered to my computer!!” I've seen others get into this situation as well, and it just really bothers me how people are being worked to death, and they can't take advantage of one week to relax. I've had my boss call me on my vacation, but that wasn't a huge deal, and he was apologetic to do it but had to be done.

I don't get it. the idea of a vacation is to vacate, be it your job, or the area, for a week or so to just decompress and de-stress to be a more productive worker overall. You would think that with all the work people are forced to do, even on vacations (and when they are sick /in a hospital-God forbid you are allowed to recuperate in peace without more stress on you), the US would be miles ahead of everyone. But it's just one giant meat grinder that we are all being put through these days, without any real compensation anymore, either in pay or retirement when we are ran into the ground.

Now onto my weekend. Friday I just hung out and played video games and got some stuff done. Yeah, I live the high life don't I??? Saturday got some cleaning done, played with my new Phillips universal remote, and after a while of trying to figure out what the hell I can do with it, I got it up and running. Best part is everyone else is intimidated by it, so no one will touch it and potentially screw it up. They got their remotes, I got mine.

Later that night I was invited out to a movie by my cousin. We went to see “Iron Man” with some others. Getting there was no problem. Thank God for online tickets, since when we all got there the show was sold out, and a couple people couldn't get in due to them committing at the very last minute. Also found it funny that the ticket machines were going down one-by-one due to no paper and the high demand. I as waiting for the last one to go down and a riot ensues, especially when I am standing on line on the second level. We get the tickets and we wait up on the line to just get even into the theater. It was an impressive site to see, and we were worried about getting seats together. We eventually get into the theater and our seats, up front. Actually the seats weren't that half bad, since this was one of the newer theaters where it's set up where you aren't destroying your neck just because you didn't get a seat in one of the last five rows. The movies starts and for the most part there weren't any major problems, even the kid that was talking way too much to his parents was drowned out by all the explosions-again, thanks to the modern theaters with their awesome sound systems. One other good thing was no one's cell phone rang, something I told all those I was with that if theirs goes off, their phone gets thrown to a wall. I can't stand phones going off or people talking on their phones where I am paying to enjoy something that should be in silence outside the event I am there to watch. After that, we said our goodbyes, and I crashed at my cousin's place.

Mother's day comes around, and that involved going home and saying happy Mother's day. I did leave a card for my mom the night before, which also had a bunch of lotto instant games she loves. After a quick shower and shave. We head out to a lunch at my Aunt's house. For the most part, it was a good time, and good food. Sure there was a feeling of tension in the house, but it's one I've felt in that house the past 15 years (those who know what I am talking about can figure out what led to said tension). Also a debate about who i paid and didn't over a couple things, and I think I somehow still owe people money, not sure how but whatever.

After this ended all the good of the weekend. I get home and hang out. I listen the “The Lazlow Show” (which wasn't a bad show overall, but not their greatest), and play GTA IV a little, while waiting for a phone call. Needless to say that never came and I just found out why, but that's another matter. Then i couldn't really sleep all night, gotta try to stop thinking late at night since I think thinking/somewhat worrying keeps me up some nights. Today I wake up with my ankle bothering me a little with the weather. Then I get to work with a bad ankle and a lot of walking, so I was in a chipper mood. Then at my job there was some equipment malfunctions, but luckily they were resolved. Finally get done with work, and get some texts form people I was waiting to hear from. Things were said that I'll say that it sort of reaffirms my instincts, but as I said that will be dealt with the next couple days. Lesson I learned, if your gut is speaking louder than logic when it's usually the other way around, go with your gut. I may get into all this another time, but it starting to make me feel even more justified to be how I am these days with people in general.

So that's it, that's what has been going on. I really don't have much else to say, but it's been a few days since I posted so I felt I should.