by Peter Marus

The Red Bulls somehow pulled a win out of their asses, meaning in Hell I hope my dead uncle didn’t piss away his money down there on golf gear and can afford a jacket, but then again fuck him. That was a high point of the sports aspect of the weekend, which there was a small dark point late Saturday afternoon. Hey, the Rose Bowl is JUST as good as the national championship game!! Next weekend has the big UFC event and I’m pumped for it. With that and the RBNY game, it’s going to be a busy Saturday, on top of all the cleaning I have to do.

Speaking of last weekend, I went to a birthday dinner for my cousin’s wife’s birthday. It turned out to be a surprise birthday party, which everyone found out it was around lunch time Friday due to the awesome planning of the party organizer. Anyway I go over to my cousin’s place since he said to come over and we will go from there. I was shocked to see his wife there, since I though she would get there from work. We start out to the restaurant, and my cousin gave me his phone to make sure people who text/call know what’s up. I had to text the name of the place to someone, and just blurted out “what’s the name of the place?” My cousin caught on and gave me the entire address and everything. Yes, sometimes I’m as smooth as gravel. We get there and have dinner. It was a Filipino restaurant, and the food was quite good. I had some BBQ pork, but a lot of the food there looked good. It was a good size group there, and I did find at least one person agreed with my theory on the government. He truly is a wise stable man… least compared to the rest of his family. The place was also a karaoke bar, and not just English songs. They had a lot of the hits from the Philippines (I guess they were, not exactly up on my Filipino pop). is like the Wal-Mart of the Internet, just less evil. I can find anything on that site. I bought a few things off their site, and since one of their warehouses is in Jersey, it gets here real quick. I haven’t really looked at the music part, though I hear it’s a pretty sweet setup. They make it worth it to shop on their site with the discounts and shipping prices, and they carry some obscure stuff one could need in whatever category you can think of. The ratings system is hit or miss, but that’s every site. There are sites where they say what thing to try to get the rating as low as possible, but most of these people are mindless sheep fan-boys of some videogame systems. Although I did find some really dumb things on the site I may have to write about and how stupid it looks and how it will NEVER be successful. Take this Rubik’s cube that is supposed to be revolutionary. First off it looks stupid with its blinking lights you are supposed to hit in time…I think that was revolutionary in the ‘80s. Looking at the “positive” reviews, it’s obvious that the people who make this piece of garbage are stuffing the ballot box. I’d love to hear the line of bullshit from the sales department that got this thing off the ground.

Gee, I wonder if I’ll be getting any phone calls/emails after that last rant. Apparently I may have to avoid 23rd street in Manhattan due to the sniper fire that will be coming from an office building. Then again it would be easy for one employee of the company since he will be at my place this weekend. Oh joy!!!