by Peter Marus

I wanted to put up a couple things I have been up to. I did get the whole ordained Minster paperwork and I am pretty much one, I just have to fill out the paperwork for NYC so I could perform marriages in NYC. I'll put up a picture of the certificate at some point.

I also got my seat relocation info for Red Bull Arena today, and I sent the card back already. All I put on the part of where you prefer to be seated, I simply put "wherever the ESC is put". I did this despite the shit treatment the ESC received in Foxboro but both the Revs front office and the Red Bulls. We get to the stadium (after having a jerkoff bus driver letting no one do anything that he should allow them to if he wanted a tip) and we see a Red Bull setup. We thought it was due to teh Red Bulls team (who paid for the trip and organized some of it), but it was teh Red Bulls Corporation who wanted nothing to do with us-despite the money we all put in to support part of the organization. Well security was called, a couple people were detained for being drunk (they sat in the holding cell under the stadium for the entire game). We were moved to the farthest parking lot of the stadium-at least a half mile from the stadium itself. After the thrashing by the Revs, we start getting on the bus. Some Revs fans take cheap shots at a couple guys, it escalates into a mini brawl, then the cops arrive and PEPPER SPRAY THE GROUP-including one in a wheelchair. Three members of teh Garden State Supporters-another supports group that sits with the ESC-were arrested, and NO Revs supporters were. Those guys were held long enough to not get a ride home on a bus (the idea t first was they were being held overnight).

To top it all off, said jerkoff bus driver had a bright idea. To get into Manhattan to drop us off, he drove INTO NEW JERSEY to get to the Lincoln Tunnel, rather than drive down Broadway, and back into the City. The Lincoln Tunnel was packed due to a tube being shut down, so he goes to the Holland Tunnel-FURTHER taking us away from where we were supposed to go. Lots of traffic there as well, but eventually we get back to MSG to unload. We were at least 2 hours late, and a bunch of guys were stuck in Manhattan for hours until the trains out to the suburbs start up again. I hung out with them for a bit before going home. I finally got home at 4:30am, and thanking God I took Monday off, since I would have to been up at 6am.

This last trip cemented a feeling I've been having. I have decided to never buying anything Red Bulls other than my season tickets. I will support the team that way only. My loyalties are only to the Empire Supporters Club. I support this team in the spirit of the team I supported beck when it was first created as Empire SC. In fact, in the near future, I will be putting that loyalty on my body. I believe in what the ESC believes in, and there are people I have met in the group that has showed me many different things about the world and people that has made me a better person. Those from the ESC who have done this, I thank you and you guys have been good friends.

All the Red Bull Jerseys, Scarves, jackets, all their shit goes into the trash. I wear nothing with their stupid logo on it, I won't say their name in any chant or song, I will barely acknowledge the team is owned by Red Bull. When you look past the pretty wrapping of the new stadium, deep down they are the most inept management team that has ever ran a sports franchise. I will post something to visualize what I am talking about tomorrow.