by Peter Marus

Happy Cinco De Mayo-where the Mexicans try to act like the Irish!!!!

So Friday night I went to a birthday party at a bowling alley. I get a ride with my cousin and his wife to the Pallisades Mall in Rockland County. It's not so much a mall, it's more like a complex. It's like one of those “super malls” that is almost a city unto itself. I've never been to this place before. When I saw the place, I realized why people in other countries think Americans are assholes. The size of this place is way too much, and the idea of having a center like this just shows how much of a consumer nation and economy this country has become.

Anyway, we get to the bowling alley that's inside the mall (which also has a ton of gimmick restaurants, among the other stores/places). I walk in, meet up with some people, and we all start to bowl. I suck at bowling, considering the last time I bowls was at least 12 years ago. I didn't care, I showed up to celebrate this person's birthday and just have a good time. I did learn something though. apparently, despite how most who read this think, I”m probably the most mentally stable of those who I hang out with. The three brothers of the birthday boy was there (the same form the bachelors party a while ago), and their sister also. I feel bad for any guys who ever took her out, seeing what they could have had on their ass if they messed up. She also had the same little quirks as her brothers, and you can tell she was related to them. I mean this in the most complimentary way, but she seemed to have that potential to be one of those chicks tat could be outside your house pouring gas all over the place because you screwed up, but she's that hot/crazy so it's ok and you would think “hell, i'd still bang her”. Hey, any guy who HASN'T gone out with a chick like that hasn't really dated!!! There were some others there I met for the first time and I found them quite...unique. but overall I had a good time, so I can't bitch.

After the party was where the real fun came. I was ok, my cousin was ok, but two of our friends who were driving home in another car got tanked. The actual driver was really gone, but the other guy wasn't as bad, but not good enough to drive. the girlfriend of the other guy wanted to drive since she was not comfortable having either one driving. Eventually it led to a fight between them since neither guy wanted her to drive, so my cousin stepped in and said he'd drive that car and I'd drive his behind. We get it all settled, and I had both girls in the car I drove. I barely remember what the two of them were talking about, because I was so focused on getting back to the city. As we all drove back, we run into some nasty fog, where I could barely see in front of me. I was actually able to see the other car, but I was focused on the car in front of them, seeing how that car reacted. Eventually we get back to the city drop people off, and I crash at my cousins.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, kind of a downer actually. I thought I was going to do something Sunday I was looking forward to and made plans to do Friday, but never got to. Guess the other person wa busy, but haven't heard back about what happened. Sorta sucks but then again I don't bother with that whole hope thing anymore.

Oh and to the observer that seems to be lurking: I don't do all that I do expecting things in return. I do a lot of things just because I want to and because it's the right thing to do, and not expect anything back. In fact in a couple weeks I'm doing something really out of the norm for someone just because they are a friend and I want to do it. My big thing is that there's only so many time I will do things for people before I start thinking that they are taking me for granted. Last time I did a lot of things for someone just because I wanted to and wanted to maybe make them smile through a rough time they were going through, it caused stress on some other friendships and family relationships, and despite all I did, I was called a selfish asshole for doing all I did. When this happened, it was the I decided to stop this crap, I'm a man not a charity, at some point I should get something back, outside of the feeling a good that I did something good and right-but that makes me selfish right? And also the point is missed;it's not just personal relationships, but professional ones as well. I've had a lot of other frustrating dealings with people overall, that was the point of what I was ranting about