by Peter Marus

Ok, today I was walking around in different stores looking at things I may want for Christmas (I still have no clue what I want). As I"m walking around, I noticed all the parents with kids.

This is one of the times of year that's all about the kids. I see how some parents are with their children and am amazed how all-out they go just to make their children happy (and probably make themselves feel good as well). You know what I mean, they are buying out the toy stores, taking their kids to Santa, and just making the kids feel happy this time of year. These parents I think are cool, though the disipline issue isn't right (that's another entry). What amazes me is how the single parents do this to their children, they sacrifice more to make their children's Christmas a happy one. Of course these parent's probably get some assistance from family/friends, but from the single parents I know, they usually like to do it themselves.

Then again, there is the complete opposite type of parents (which I also know some of these people). These are the parents, who shouldn't have kids in the first place, do just enough to make themsleves not look negligent. It's not they work hard to do this, they usually do a half-assed job, and force their familes to pick up the slack (one thing I've seen done is they hold their kids "hostage", where they won't let the family see the kids until certain things are done for them). These are also the parents who will blow their money on themselves, and then expect others to buy all ltheir kids' gifts FOR them. I witnessed one Christmas, these people would give their relatives huge ass lists for each kid with specifics of what the kid wants, and it HAS to be what's on the list. Oh, and hey also expect their family to buy EVERYTHING on these lists. What's really sad is like how the toddler has on his list diapers, formula, etc. (well, first it's amazing the kid can write...).

It really bothers me to not only the fact these parents do this crap, but the faces on the kids that don't know what's really going on. I alwaays fear about their futures. Some may have potential to do big things in life, but with assclowns like their parents, they may never gt to fulfull their potential and find happiness in their lives, since it may not be in the best intersts of their parents. These people should all be rounded up, sterilized, and have their kids taken away. Tough, yes, but the worst stiuation in state custody would be at least 5 times better than to be stuck with irresponsable, selfish, ignorant, leeches on society and family they call mommy and daddy.