by Peter Marus

OK, I am going to speak about something that may pis off some people. Let me just say that first I don't hate kids and I may have them in the future (but that depends on a lot of factors), but now I do have a huge issue with parents and how they parent. I'm just going to talk about one thing I see all the time on the subway.

First, I hate it when parents just assume that their kids are the center of everyone's world, not just theirs. They think that people without kids are going to be considerate and just allow parents with kids on the train rule. First off, it pisses me off to no end when I see parents with their kids in strollers. How lazy are you to just leave a kid defenseless in a stroller that is a fire hazard and illegal to have unfolded on the train, blocking the path and doors. I also can't stand it when these ingrates take the stroller (with baby inside) and try to walk up stairs or down stairs. Think about that, and then you may get a little heated like me about the unsafe situation the kid is put in due to the irresponsible parenting.

Another favorite act of stupidity I love is when the kid is walking and the parent wants their kid to go up and down the stairs.....DURING RUSH HOUR!!! this also goes with the jackasses with the strollers as well. Look, i don't mind if you want to inflate your kid's ego and show him how to go up/down stairs, but wait until everyone else clears the stairway, NOT WHILE A STAMPEDE OF PEOPLE ARE GOIG UP OR DOWN THEM!!! I don't feel bad if I nudge a kid and parent when they are on the stairs holding everyone else up. Hey, why should people look out for a bad parent who wants to put their children in harms way?

But sadly the selfishness and overall stupidity of parents wont' change. I did one day get a big smile when I saw a cop pull over a couple with their kid and not only scolded them for having their kid in a stroller (which was made for twins, but only one kid, the other side was used for whatever crap they couldn't fit in their over sized bag hanging off the back of the stroller) that rolled freely and almost off the very crowded platform, but also for the potential fire and safety hazard they caused when they blocked the stairway with their bodies as they slowly carried down this stroller. What really made me smile was the couple tickets the cop gave them. I wish cops did this more, but that won't happen since the bleeding hearts running the media would shame the NYPD to stop, and in my neighborhood cries of racism would be made.

Again, I don't hate kids. I hate parents who think for some reason those without kids feel sympathy for those who do and are willing to help out. We don't and parents should always know this, it's your problem and responsibility, and if your kid get bumped or hurt due to your irresponsibility, you brought it on him by not protecting him.