by Peter Marus

First off read the top page of, although there is an update, just read the first two things on the site.

Done? Good.

See shit like this pisses me off. I am not ashamed to say I do not pirate any goddamn thing, I pay for anything I need. I go through Itunes and whatever to buy any media. I used to use Limewire, but going through the illegal route can lead to problems from the files you get, so why risk it. It’s like fucking some slut, sure it may feel good and it’s cheap, but the dangers that could come with it makes the risk not worth it. I rather work a little and go through the right routes since then I know that it’s low risk and in the end more pleasurable. I can understand what artists go through; they make something they should be paid for it. Unfortunately, this cumstain generation these pussy parents are raising somehow think it’s ok to just steal media and that “everything should be free, MAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!” See, the generation og jerkoffs are trying to be communists. People, pay for your shit, and the artist will love you. Donate to the computer guy who created that software you downloaded for free. The guy went though enough to make it, so give the guy something. I work and I expect to get paid, as do you people I am sure, so how is that different for someone who creates anything and sell it do they can eat.

I am not ashamed to say I bought a bunch of stuff off the Lazlow site. These guys do a good job with their show, they are funny, and are cool people in general, despite that they may come off as degenerates. Still I think these guys deserve all they work for and they have every right to get paid in full-as Erik B and Rakim once said.

Sorry, just pissed seeing god people get fucked over when it comes to money.

Yes I am writing this on New Year’s Eave, but I can give two shits about it. All this night is to me is just a night before a day off for me. This night and St Patrick’s Day us just an excuse for some pussies to drink and act like shitheads-hopefully they get the clap or something for their stupidity.


it's coming.

January 3rd.

Wayne and Lazlow will be fresh back from Jamaica with plenty of tales to tell.

Reed will most likely be back from a mancation with his entourage of strange single men.

Tune in.....