by Peter Marus

Hello all, especially those who lurk around this and read about me. No sweat, doesn't matter to me. I spent almost $400 on new clothes and shoes for this new job. I"m not really nervous, but more excited to see what this has to offer. I can't sit here and be nervous about something I can't control and what I don't know yet. That is something I wish people would learn: don't seat it when it comes to things you don't know or you can't control. You can only do the best you can do and use what you know. I don't like people who let their worries consume their lives so much it's more of an obsession than a worry and they can't enjoy life. These people in a sick way find comfort in their worries, that they self-sabotage and just exist in a state where they use the negativity that is around them as a blanket to comfort them. these people make me sick as much as I would like to feel sad for them, I don't. If there's a problem in one's life, then change it. How hard is that to understand? I think people are jealous on my ability to handle all the problems I have as best as I can, and not really worry too much about the unknowns. When I do that , then I have time to enjoy life and help others with their problems

Also, I wish people would put some stock into what I say to them. I am sick and tired of people who think I don't know shit about shit. Many people just assume that I don't know what they are going through, and I should just piss off. I knew someone who was losing a father, and this is after I lost mine months before, so naturally I didn't know what I was talking about when I was trying to make them feel better. I knew someone that was going through some tough times and wanted to change things for the better. I tried to give them advice from my experience being in the same situation, but all my advice was blown off and all I heard was that I didn't know what I was talking about. Needless to say that these people are not in my life anymore and like the rest of the negative garbage that was once in my life, they are in the past and I am off to move on to better positive things in my life.

Now, I am thinking of hanging around the Apple Store cruising for chicks at some point. I mean, a woman that wants a quality computer or product like an Apple would surely want a quality man like myself. Also Mac chicks are hot. It also shows they like simplicity, but depth-something that I am. But then again I can be quite an ass to a lot of people. they seem to tire of me and/or get intimidated by me, and move on. But as I said, all i do is the best I can do with what I got, and I do only things that I know.

One thing I am sick of hearing about "Wall St." and "Main St," in the news. Fuck "Main St" and also fuck "Joe the Plumber". I am sick of "Joe the Plumber" and hope his business goes belly up.

Finally, how come every candidate just happens to be from Scranton, Pa? they either lived there or had family there. Seriously, I've lived in the area, and the way it's perceived in the media is wrong. The media thinks there's economic plight in PA. Um, it's really built up in the state over the years, though Western PA. still has some issues and outright racism in the region, but it's not nearly as bad as it is claimed to be. Now Ohio, West Va., have issues. But since PA has so many electoral votes, they will live with being political whores and act poor for the politicians.