by Peter Marus

Well, the past couple days haven't really been too exciting. I spent it helping out some relatives with stuff. Other than that, nothing much else happened. Today was the first time I didn't have my alarm set to get up this morning. Today I got up at 10 this morning, usually I get up a 8 to start my day of looking for work and do errands. The thing is I go to bed at like 2 (but fall asleep at 3) am. WHat I do at night you ask?

1. look for a job,

2. talk to my peeps,

3. look at internet sites

4. and think

God my life is boring!!! I got to get some friends to hang out, but also some money to have to get some friends to go hang out!!!

I just read that the new governorof NJ killed the plans for the Metrostars stadium in Harrison, but somehow making the county it's going to be in not pass the bond issue to finance it. Well, this is the last straw with this assclown. SInce he's been GM o fthe team, he hasn't improved the team's situation. This stadium deal was supposed to be his baby, and now he's dropped it on it's head. This past entire season, all I heard form him was "it's comeing, it'll be here soon..." now NOTHING!!!! Apparently, it's not dead, but since the team has said nothing, it's a sure bet that something's not right...BTW there ws supposed to be a training facility/office for the club in another part of Jersey...that was supposed to be built now.....

Still no hockey, but that' s ok, I got soccer on TV. I also read that the Mets are looking to get rid of Piazza. I personally ould keep him and leave him a catcher, then try for a cheap first baseman off the free agent/scrap heap. They want to get Greene from LA, since he's a good first baseman/right fielder, but I would like to see the Mets be forced to develop some more players (which would be cheaper). Another thing on my mind is that my G-MEN (NY Giants), have no defense anymore. Michael Strahan tore a pectoral Muscle, while a couple other players are out for a while...I see the Giants barely make the playoffs with a 10-6 record, since it's going to be hell to get a wildcard slot in the NFC.