by Peter Marus

Ok, last night I was planning on writing a whole beautiful entry here about my passions and what are the things in life that not only interest me, but makes me strive for a lot of what I want-be it knowledge of something, or just something to move me “forward.” Instead I had a big dude on top of my leg as he contorted me in different positions for about an hour and a half. Along with this there was a crowd around watching what was going on, including some of his family. After he was finished, not old did I thank him, but paid him!! if you don’t get my shitty attempt of innuendo, I did get my second tattoo Tuesday night, and it cane out great. Once again Kevin at did an awesome job. Check out his site and see some of his work.

Tonight I was again wanted to do that other blog entry, as well as try to figure out what the hell I was going to do with my own website, but I was on Itunes and spend some cash on there. For the hell of it, I went into the “itunes essentials” section, and I gave in. I bought some “essentials”’ of 70’s rock, Iron Maiden, and Johnny Cash. I decided to every payday pick up some music to try to expand my horizons, as well as I can make better genius lists for my Iphone.