by Peter Marus

Just wanted to write what I am thankful since it is the season to do that. it's sorta out of order, probably repeated a few times, but whatever, this was written off the top of my head and was written over the course of the night. Sure there are plenty of things I probably forgot to add on here, but I am grateful and thankful for all of the things in my life. I am probably not going to write something on here the rest of the week/weekend. So Happy Thanksgiving to those I don't get a chance to talk to any of you.

things I am thankful for:
my health, my mom, my sister, my job, my cousin and his wife for letting me crash at their place many a drunken night, people that have helped me with advice to some of the mundane bullshit i've complained about, the people who have taken time out to get to know me, a working computer (Apple rules), my mind for wanting more knowledge, Xm radio for entertaining me many days when the shit hits the fan, the idea that all that has happened in my life, either good or bad, has happened for a reason, medical insurance that has helped me get my blood pressure in some form of control, people who have had patience with me after all the times I've screwed up, the people I hang out with on various friday nights, the honest people in the world, my dog for giving me hours of laughs and helping me smile when I needed it, HDTV-makes sports and my video games look fantastic, people I know in Philly and Northern California that know an insane amount of me despite never meeting me in person, a lil person in Jersey that has a grin that is quite evil looking-i am glad to have gotten a another opportunity to talk and see you again and I hope so far is a beginning to something good, soccer in the area despite the fact it's ran in a really shitty way, the ESC for being one cool group of guys to hang out with and giving me something to do on weekends, the simple fact i can see and walk thanks to modern medicine and technology, the companies of Microsoft and Nintendo for making some sweet gaming systems, The people who came up with the following shows-”Shark” “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” “Dirty Jobs” “Mythbusters” “Rescue Me” The Shield” “The Ultimate Fighter” “Pardon The Interruption” “Outside the Lines” “The Sports Reporters” “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”, the hours of entertainment the “Opie and Anthony” and “Ron and Fez” shows has given me,

and most importantly, I am thankful for all that rad this. I'm surprised how many people read this and actually get something out of it. What also surprises me is the amount of people that don't even know me or just stumbled on this and still read it. Thank you all