by Peter Marus

I got an email from someone today about my last blog entry. Mostly about “hey, you sure your relatives don’t read this, they could get angry…” I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY THINK!!! The people I wrote about have really fucked over a lot of my family members (some of which live in this house here), and to tell you the truth, what I said is NOTHING compared to what I really think about them. The only thing holding me back is promises I made to some older family members. When and if the day comes, the muzzle comes off this pitbull, and I’m betting I’ll be taken off about ¼ of my family’s Christmas card list, and that there’s going to be raging infernos on those bridges at that. Don’t think people don’t know what I really think about certain members of my family; there are some that not only know but agree with my views. Nobody give me that “don’t steep to that level, just don’t talk to them again” bullshit, these people have made everyone else’s lives difficult, and has led to many physical, financial, and most of all emotional problems. I hope that the day comes when these issues come to a head, what a release it will be…and no matter how it turns out I’ll have a smile on my face!!!

Other than that, things are getting better. I’m still getting used to the fact I don’t have a dog anymore. Today I realized I can put my feet under the table to eat, and I also just went downstairs and felt eery that there was no noise from kitchen, and it just really made me realize he’s not here. It’s really hard to see my mom and sister today, my mom was ready to give him his pills, only to realize that she didn’t have to. She also was going to make his food up, but caught herself and looked sad. My sister came into the house today looking for him under the table to pet him and say hello, but he wasn’t there, and she was telling me that today she came down and was looking for him to let him out, but remembered he wasn’t there

On other matters, I got an email over the weekend with some great news, and I was told in it that the end of the weird, strange road is soon coming, and the reward is going to be more than worth the wait. I just hope the end is sooner than later, but whenever it is, it’s going to be a good time.