by Peter Marus

Today there must have been something in the air. It seems some of the people I have to work around in my building were bigger douchebags than usual. It just seemed like their attitudes were bad today, and downright insulting. It was over stupid things, but they made it seem bigger than it was. It made me think about these people, and their sense of entitlement they have. They think that due to the fact that they work for the Bank, they have some right to have all that they are given by the company. They want their coffee fresh, and turn their nose up if they hear the coffee is more than 45 minutes older, and my favorite is when something is slightly different in the office pantries due to maybe when things are cleaned they aren't put back EXACTLY how it was before, and the people look confused as to what to do. I think I figured out why they have their attitude. They are so insecure about their job and life, they they get their jollies acting like they have some power over me or my co worker.

See, these people are mostly lowly programmers for software for the company. They don't really mean a whole hell of a lot when it comes to revenue generated by the various parts of the company. The traders are the “moneymen” in the company, and whatever they want they get. I have not worked with traders, but I hear that although it is a lot of work, they aren't as primadonnas like the people I have to deal with, all that matters is that what they want for caffeine is there. They get a lot of special privileges and supplies, but they aren't complete assholes and just want what they want available. But I came to this conclusion about job titles and the alleged power that comes with them.

Here's a rule: If the actual title of your job doesn't have a verb in it, as on it actually says what you DO in your position, or you can't fully describe what you do in one simple sentence, your real title is “Overrated shit job”. I'm not ashamed to have that. My actual title is “Maintenance Specialist-Office Services”. When someone has a job that's title is nothing more than “Overrated shit Job” I find a lot of people are really insecure about this and they try to overcompensate that they don't have a real job title by barking a lot louder than their bite can do, hence they bully others around. Take a look around your job, and I'm sure you can see people who are like this. Sometimes it's not that easy to tell these people to go fuck themselves, or show them that they have no power or influence, or at least not as much as they believe they have. Best way to handle these douches is to simply do the job you are supposed to do, and just ignore their bitching and complaining. You take their supposed power away from them and show you can see through their vail of bullshit.

Speaking of bullshit, I found something on my computer that made me laugh and realize also how insecure some are and what they do to hide it. I was talking to this one chick about a month ago, and we had talked on and off for a while. She IMed me out of the blue one night and we start talking. For the next couple weeks, she's really testing my “two days, two days, done” rule (look in another entry a while back to find out about that), by showing me just enough to make me still give a shit. I ask her out a couple times, she says she's busy (and here's the hint I should have gotten-if she did mean what she said, she would have figured out a time to meet or talk in depth beyond a text or two). I ask her to call me a few times after getting her voicemail the times I called, and she didn't, almost acting like she didn't take me serious or treating me like I was second-class. Well Mother's day weekend I tell her to call me, and she doesn't. I find out from her that she went out on a date with an ex of hers she ran into the night before. After that I tell her off and express my issues with her and how I feel she is handling herself, and haven't heard back from her.

See, she was a really big girl years ago, hence her self-esteem was non existent. Then she had the stomach stapling surgery. Usually what happens then is that the new, hot chick with no self-esteem will cocktease or act like a mattress for many guys to make up for the lack of self-esteem. This particular chick was one that would tease many guys since she was “saving” herself for marriage and was trying to find the perfect lapdog, (she was a tad gullible as far as life went). Now she probably looked at me as someone who should get in back of the line of all her men (like how most Long Island trash treat gullible men), but I view myself (and I even told her) that I am the greatest man a woman could ever have (yeah you read that right, call me arrogant, but I know me and I know I am what I said), but she didn't take me seriously to prove that, and now she lost her opportunity.

Best part is that, like most stomach stapling patients, she apparently had one to many ho-hos and stretched that stomach out a bit, seeing the pictures of her from when she had the procedure to now, she's taken up more and more of the frame. Only thing that kept me around a little longer than I should was that I'm a sucker for pretty eyes, and she did have some nice brown ones....but she acted like a big brown one so that all got negated.