by Peter Marus

A couple days before Tax day, and here’s a link to a video to help you out with your preparation:

Of course after you file and get your refund, here’s a great place to spend it, and also pick up that lovely lady something along the way. God bless you hayseeds!!:

Also, the Mega Millions drawing is Tuesday, and if I win, I”ll be just as humble and charitable with my money like this gentleman is in these videos:

now for something you to get stuck in your head all day. You’re welcome:

Though in all seriousness, here's a video that made me feel good after seeing it, since it’s about a good person. I may come off as anti-religion, but I am not. I”m for one to have a spiritual life, but that’s a private matter for each person. I respect all those who do have a level of spirituality, but I don’t when one tries to push their beliefs on me.

Finally, I just wanted to say to those on Myspace, I’m most likely getting rid of it. I like Facebook where I am not bombarded by spam. I”ll get rid of the profile at some point, but I barely ever look at it, and mot of my social media time is on Facebook and Twitter. So I’d advise getting the RSS feed link to this, or be my friend on Facebook-assuming I choose to accept you. Also simply follow me on twitter.