by Peter Marus

It's amazing. This is the first Sunday in a long time where I am not going to go to bed feeling all depressed, mostly because of the fun experience I had today. It really made me feel good today, especially impressing others with my TV-b-gone, but I didn't have the balls to do it in the Sony store, so I just did a bunch of the kiosks around me. Yes I am an ass, but it made others smile, so I'm a justified ass.

Now, as far as yesterday. Yesterday was the big RBNY-Galaxy game, where the game proved why I always wish Jersey is the next target by the terrorists, and that would actually improve the damn state. The amount of fucking whores at the game wanting to see Dave astounded me. If these were “soccer fans” where the FUCK are they any other game? Most of these “fans” were young girls, or more accurately the “future welfare recipients due to them getting banged by some asshole because said asshole had something shiny to get these chicks to spread them” demographic that is oh so attractive to celebrity whoredom.. They sold the shit out of LA galaxy merch at this game....BUT IT WAS A FUCKING RED BULLS HOME GAME!!!! On top of it, the backwards-ass Jersey shitdicks that is hired as security and state trooper harassed and banned a bunch of guys in my group for doing nothing than answering back these starfuckers in the crowd as they talked shit to us about “becks n friends” are better than the Red Bulls. It got interesting in the parking lot when some LA fucks started shit in the parking lot, then ran to the cops when they were about to get the shit kick out of them. One classy move was when a van moved in, and NJSEA assholes came out like a bunch of rodeo clowns and harassed up and gave one woman in our group the finger, which was caught on video so this fucker's going to pay. I can't wait until Red Bull Park is opened and I don't have to go to that dump, so I can get to and form the stadium via train and don't have as much interaction with the “locals”. No wonder I come home feeling so scummy and dirty.

Yes actually I am happy. I had a good day today, and I just had some nice shower time (some may thing it's sexy shower time, but that's their thing).