by Peter Marus

I just wanted to add some of stuff I haven’t gotten around to. First is a link to an awesome videogame site called John Davidson, a former editor for the magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, runs it. It’s a cool site for both parents and non-parents. I like it because the people who run it aren’t the self-righteous jerkoffs who think videogames are only for children and anything made for someone older than five is evil and is the basis of the decay of society. The guy said yeah he’s a parent, but he likes games made for adults and he respects the hell out of anyone who wants to play games, regardless of their age and what content they want to play. Check out the site, and also his old bosses and I believe who also help run his site, The Podcasts rule on their site. While I am pimping gaming sites, here also check out,, and for some good news on videogames.

Side note, fuck you Sony. Because of two fucking lines in the title song you delay “Little Big Planet”. Apparently the lines are form the Koran, and they pissed themselves that it might offend people. So they recall the discs despite the developers already had a patch to fix it and had a new disc image ready to go. It’s good to see that small groups with a letterhead have more power than the massive public who are paying for the game and. Bunch of fucking pussies, makes me sick.

Since I am in a mood, here’s a commercial for a new Samsung phone that spoofs Romantic movies. I don’t know why I got angry at this commercial, but I did think I would see this movie…if it turned out like the typical Lifetime Movie-where the phone at first is fantastic, but in a second it turns into a movie where the phone brutally beats and/or rapes the dumb, naïve chick. Then the movie just turns from a romantic film into a comedy!!!

Second is a commercial I like, it’s a new Apple commercial where they kill Microsoft and their dumb commercial with Seinfeld. Good, fuck you Microsoft. You deserve the smashing for the commercial and their shitty OS.

Finally, here’s the goal of the year in MLS. Danny Cepero, the rookie GK for the Red Bulls got his first start because the regular GK fucked up and took some supplements that made him fail a drug test and got suspended for the rest of this season and part of next year. This is the first goal a GK has scored in the history of MLS.

I hope you like the “Angry Pete” post; some may have missed it. And after some of the things that have been going on, it felt good