by Peter Marus

Wednesday I have an interview with some firm that could get me a HR position. I was supposed to have this interview Monday, but it got moved to Wednesday. Funny part is that I got calls from my other agencies that had some offers of assignment, but they never got back to me about them (they said they forwarded my resume to the clients, but I never heard back…figure I wasn’t good enough for their client). This is really frustrating me, I spend at least 5-7 hours a day sending out my resume to every job position I think I have a shot at, but I have not gotten any replays from them. Oh well, that’s my problem.

I “acquired” the latest album by Disturbed, called “10,000 Fists”. I got to say it’s a damn good rock album. I think that this is the best album I’ve heard form them. All the songs are really well done, and the best part is that they haven’t “cleaned up” their sound, something that really hurts a lot of bands, and can kill their careers. The best song by far is the title track “100,000 Fists”. It really makes for a great opening track on the album, and sets the tone of the album. A lot of the tracks can be singles (and they have been playing a lot of the tracks on XM, something commercial radio would never do, or at least not after the lawyers butcher the songs to make it unlistenable), and they do a great cover of Genesis’ “Land of Confusion”.

Now let me say how I feel about my sports teams that I follow and love. First up is the Metrostars, who are doing their best to make it look like they are going to make the playoffs and I still think they will not make it. I‘m going to write a column (that’s “Studs Up” that can be found I’m a plug whore) in a day or two on the GM and the recent remarks he has made. Hopefully I’ll have it up in a day or two, depending on if my self deprecating attitude doesn’t’ think it sucks and I further delay writing my column. I’m still paying close attention to the team. I mean how many times in one’s life do you know that there’s going to be a horrible train wreak and you can get good seats for it?

Next, let’s talk about the Mets…and how much they are more of a cheap skanky tease than a stripper during a lap dance in the “VIP room”. As usual, they blow any shot at the playoffs, and from the day they are eliminated they choose to go on a winning streak and give hope for the future seasons. They do this every year, and somehow they affect the playoff scenarios with teams still in it. It pisses me off to no end that they half-ass it and suddenly get hot when they don’t’ have to. This year was odd that EVERY team in the NL east were so good, that they got lost in the shuffle, if this was any other year, they probably would be in the playoffs.

Now for my Alma Mater, who are undefeated at this moment. Yes Penn State haven’t lost yet, but most of the teams were so weak it was like watching an adult beat up a 6 year old. They did almost lose to the Big Ten’s nerd school last week, but in the end they proved that the cool schools always win. They have a tough schedule coming up, which includes back-to-back games with Ohio State (no, I don’t’ so the faggoty THE…Ohio State crap, they are a cow college and their idea of marrying outside of the family is marrying your cousin instead of your sister) and Michigan. At least the OSU game is at home, so there’s a shot at winning the game. If PSU can play the way they can, and the Defense plays up to the hype, they can make a bowl game this season, and have a good foundation to build on.

Finally it’s time to talk about the G-MEN!!!! The Giants are going up and down, but they do have a good team. Only problem is that the division they are in is one of the toughest in the league. Realistically, I don’t see them making the playoffs, but they could get a 9-7 or 8-8 record this season, which isn’t too bad with how mediocre the league is.

That’s all I got tonight, until another time and check for may column this week on (whoring myself out again…I know).