by Peter Marus

Life is going on, and most of isn't that bad. I ran into some celebrates last Friday night in Manhattan. I ran into Fez, East Side Dave, and Black Earl of the “Ron and Fez” show at a bar where their fan message board had a little get together, and it was really cool to meet these guys. They were really down to earth and a good time was had by all. I just want to say to those who read this and were there, good meeting up with you and hope to do it again

Mets sold their stadium naming rights to Citigroup, and personally I don't care. There will be memorials and statues dedicated to the influential people in NY baseball history, but for the most part the Mets have EVERY right to sell the name off. They are paying for the stadium themselves and hey have to generate capital for it, and if the want to whore their house's name away, it's their right.

My Giants aren't looking so hot right now. They do have a great lineup of talent....on paper......under the heading “Injured for the season”!!! On the bright side they realistically only have to win 4 more games to be in good shape to make the playoffs.

I thought the rule was when “Rutgers”, “National Title” are mentioned, and the phrase “No chance in hell” isn't in the middle, the world is supposed to collapse. Must help when you play in a pathetic conference in football like the Big Least. Sure PSU has lost games this season, but at least they play against real football schools, not glorified basketball schools.